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Electronic testing equipments

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  • TS2000

Electric starters, electronic ignition units, regulators, headlights, automatic starters, batteries... the electric and electronic units assembled on motorcycles and scooters are more and more increasing and it is very hard to find the fault!

The TS 2000 allows to quickly check CDI units, H,T. coils, resistances, voltages, recharging and starting currents. A useful tachometer (rpm counter) finally allows to test idles, limiters, recharging balances, etc...

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The SICTRONIC tester allows the complete checking of electrical and electronic systems of single and twin cylinder motorcycle engines to be tested. It tests the ignition system under real working conditions (with engine running) testing the high tension generated by the vehicle system at different R.P.M. It tests separately the component parts of the ignition system such as the H.T. coil, CDI unit, pick up, charging coil, etc... Finally it allows the correct working of the electrical system; voltage regulator, alternator and battery to be checked. All these tests are made directly on the engine thus avoiding any great loss of time. A detailed instruction manual, including a data sheet showing connections and test values for each motorcycle model, makes the SICTRONIC easy to use.

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The EXPANDER tester allows the checking of electronic ignition systems disassembled from the engine. It is used to test the ignition systems of chain-saws, cutters, lawn-mowers, blowers, atomizers, trimmer sets, generating sets, mowers, motor-hoes, pumps, drilling.motors, etc...

The EXPANDER tester feigning the rotation of an engine flywheel with the possibility to change the magnetic flux allows to state the right working conditions of the ignition system under testing.

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To complete the engine check, you must test for air leaks as well.

BARITEST has been designed to quickly allow without disassembling, the pressure test of the 2 and 4 stroke engine: combustion chamber, the valves, the crankcase, traditional and vibrating diaphragm carburettors.

With the help of BARITEST, your workshop will become more professional, reducing fault finding time.

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  • GTA

The GTA 2000 allows to quickly test the gasoline engine gas-tight: combustion chamber, valves, carter, tanks, two/four strike engines carburetors, reducing the repairing time.

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  • SIC 2000

The SIC 2000 tester checks in few seconds all electronic ignition units assembled on the engine. Testing is done with engine running (even if ignition is faulty) therefore allowing the check under real working conditions.

SIC 2000 tester can be supplied with a stroboscopic lamp to check the automatic advance and the timing.

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  • SIC 80

SIC 80 tester is an indispensable device to fully check the ignition (breaker-points, condenser, diode, primary and secondary winding, spark plug, etc.) quickly establishing the faulty part.


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  • PTS/2

Discharging batteries. burning lights, regulators which not stabilize, flywheels which do not produces... on motorcycles and on small agricultural and industrial engines, these situations can be considered a great problem.

The PTS2 allows to measure the main parameters peculiar to the battery charging and to the light plants. It measures a.c. and d.c. currents, recharging amperages, starting currents, peak voltages. All is done in a very easy and intuitive way.

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The SPY SIC is the quickest way to check the good working conditions of an ignition unit under test. You only have to insert it series to H.T. cable feeding the spark plug and the powerful warning light of the SPY SIC (visible in any ambient brightness) will light every time the spark appears on the spark plug.

 Inside the SPY SIC there is a load allowing to eliminate any doubtfull working ignition units.

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  • RF/4
  • RF/5

These digital engine tachometers can be used on two and four strokes engines with one or two sparks for rpm. As soon as the tachometer is switched on, the rpm reading is done simply placing the device near spark plug cable or clamping on this latter the endowed cable.

The igniton button allows (if kept pressed) to automatically divide by two the reading value making easy the tachometer use both on multi cylinders engines and with two ignitions/rpm engines.

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  • MB

R.P.M. test.

All mechanics know how the rpm influence the engine power and the importance of a perfect engine timing.

The portable device MB, have been made  to achieve this aim.


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  • AP-2 B
  • AP-2 D

The pressure in combustion chamber measure of a gasoline engine supplies a very important value to evaluate the good working conditions of its main components: cylinder, piston, inner liners, valves.

In the pressure testers AP 2/B and AP 2/D, the pressure value reading is done by means of piezoelectric detector and shown on LCD display. The missing of mechanic parts and the non-variation of the combustion chamber volume, makes easy to use of these devices even on small engines where the most pressure testers meet working difficulty.

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These battery chargers have been deliberately realized for the charging of small lead acid (LA) and hermetically sealed (VRLA) batteries. Their use purpose, from 4 to 14 Amph, make them very suitable for the charging of battery fitted on the motorcycles. The battery charging is done at constant current avoiding in that way overheating or extreme "boilings" to the battery under charging.

A special circuit automatically starts the maintenance condition when the charging reaches a good level to keep in good working order the last charging phases. The battery charger CB EURO - CB EURO FOUR are also equipped with a check-battery button so that you can examine and verify the charging maintenance from the battery.

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  • CB

Battery charger for batteries fitted on lawn-mowers with 2,5Ah to 5Ah capacity.

It is possible to keep battery connected to the device for an endless time and check the battery charging condition simply pressing a button.

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  • GS Green Saver

The mowing of the grass and infesting plants by means of strimmers equipped with wireholder head is very dangerous for the life of young or just planted trees because it is difficult to locate the wire action zone. Often you can bark or even cut the plants you would save and which you lovely growed!

The G.S. inserts a impassable barrier between the tree trunk and the cutting wire making easy and sure the mowing operation even at a near distance saving life of our plants and time in your job. The G.S. is very easy and confortable to use. it is enough to close the two levers to open it and introduce in its inside the plants to protect.

All the operation is done with an only hand. Finally G.S. is equipped with four metal points allowing to lean it on ground with strong slope.

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